The Overlord (Ending)

  “Look.”  She says as I watch her devour her half of the pizza.  And then some of my half.  “I’ll make this easy for you.  I need money.  Your parents need control.  You need freedom.” My eyes are busy on the room, but I meet hers and nod before turning back to my search. ... Continue Reading →

The Overlord (pt 10)

I say always choose misery, especially when it comes in the shape of a dark haired woman.  Her soft brown eyes tease me across from the tiny table.  I sit back in my chair and study her as I somewhat listen to the speech my father makes.  My father only speaks when he has the... Continue Reading →

The Overlord (9)

I know I just posted some of this story, but I just had to know.   “Now there’s the kid brother I remember.”  My sister plants a kiss on my cheek and throws an arm around my shoulders.  “Don’t screw this up.”  She hisses in my ear as she smiles at the camera. Here’s a... Continue Reading →

The Overlord (pt 6)

PART 6 (Pts 1-5 are here) I shoved the note into my pocket on my way out of the bedroom window, bypassing the high tech escape routes in my home that would have required me to use hallways. Besides, there was a good chance that that one or two of the routes were blocked or... Continue Reading →

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