The Overlord (Ending)

  “Look.”  She says as I watch her devour her half of the pizza.  And then some of my half.  “I’ll make this easy for you.  I need money.  Your parents need control.  You need freedom.” My eyes are busy on the room, but I meet hers and nod before turning back to my search. ... Continue Reading →


Castbreaker (8)

(For past installments, see the Castbreaker section of my Random Literature page.) You stare at the face in the mirror in the dim light of a flickering candle.  It’s the last candle.  You will have to go into town today.  But you’ll face that trouble when it comes.  Tonight, like every night since you arrived,... Continue Reading →

How to Heal a Heart

So yesterday's post was about fear, but I wanted to throw out an additional post today on my own.  Fear come from a lot of places, bad experiences being one of them. Fear is unreasonable.  It just shows up at your house one day and settles onto your couch like a smelly, vivid stain.  Sometimes... Continue Reading →

There’s Always Room At the Loser Table

I have yet to come across a human who isn't both strong and soft.  The truth of the matter is that we all exhibit strength and weakness in wildly varied ways. What do I fear?  Being rejected for who I am. I'm too strong.  Too insecure.  Too independent.  Too opinionated.  Too wild.  Too nice. Too... Continue Reading →

My Secret SHIP

I'm going to be a reader only today, folks.  I'll put on my writer skirt and yak about it from that perspective another time.  Today I'm trashing myself if need be.     It's TMI Friday. This week I'd like to dip into some literary TMI in the form of Ships (Relationships). Now, to be... Continue Reading →

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