Interview with the Author: Kevin Ansbro

Welcome to a new Interview with the Author!  This week I'm happy to introduce you to Kevin Ansbro, who writes magical realism and keeps the beaches safe. When he's not too tired from saving the day with fabulous writing skills, he's an all around good guy to know.  (Also, my kids happened to be around... Continue Reading →


Update on my Chronic Migraines

For years of my life at this point, I have been in pain for about half of my days.  Which means that I was recovering from pain for the other half of those days. I've been desperately searching for ways to heal my body from migraines, and today I just wanted to share a few... Continue Reading →

6 Weeks (and Beyond!)

It's about that time of the year for me.  Thanksgiving is coming up next week, and then it's just a few weeks until Christmas. Because our homeschooling can be flexible with my writing schedule (don't worry, the kids will still be learning), I'm going to be taking the next 6 weeks to focus solely on... Continue Reading →

Interview with the Author: K. Williams

Welcome to another Interview with the Author! This week I'd like introduce K. Williams.  She's one of the first authors I clicked with on Facebook, and she's dear to my heart.  I love her fiery soul, and how she will step in and defend those being mistreated.  I've read the first book in her The Trailokya... Continue Reading →

The P Word

I remember the first time I heard it. "Wow, Amy, you're a prolific writer." I was shooting for "good".  I so wanted to at least be good.  I thought that I wasn't great, but I was hoping that I was at least kinda sorta good.  Or that I showed signs of being good.  Like maybe... Continue Reading →

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