Only Human Update

One of the downfalls of writing these first drafts online is that I feel like I'm cheating everybody.  There are a lot of decisions I make inside and between drafts, and I've come to that point with Only Human.  I've mentioned before that my random literature, with the exception of my Endeavor Side Stories, is... Continue Reading →


Castbreaker (pt 4)

It’s cold. The rumbling overhead has moved away enough to leave you with the sound of damp earth, sleeping girl, and insects of the ground. The slimy touch of worm was what woke you initially. The cold was what kept you awake. In prison, you had learned to roll and tuck and think of warmer... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Guidelines For Writers

I was asked recently through Facebook if I would share some advice and tips for becoming a better writer. I’m a slow thinker. Sometimes it can take me years to work out how I feel about something. This tends to be a downfall socially, but it’s an excellent asset for a writer who knows how... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy (pt 17)

(This is the story of Charlotte's grandparents.  For parts 1-16, go here.) The wind whipped around Amadahy as she flew as fast as she dared. She hoped that he was strong enough to pull magic in him from the earth, for she knew from experience that it would prolong his life. Would he think to... Continue Reading →

Castbreaker (pt. 3)

Quick FYI:  I have a laptop of my very own now.  It's been months, which is a very long time for a writer.  I am almost done organizing all my files that were luckily not lost on the old laptop (as well as the files on my jumpdrive and on my kids' all the... Continue Reading →

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