Endeavor Series June Birthdays

Happy Birthday June Babies, whether you are a character in my series, or a real person. (Note:  My characters are real people.  Totally.)  I think it's time for a summer celebration of food, music, sun, and I think it's time for a water balloon fight fest! It's time to blow out the candles.  Calling all... Continue Reading →

Endeavor Series May Birthdays

It's that time again!  Happy Birthday to everyone born in May!  How shall we celebrate this month?  Chocolate covered chocolate?  Is it too early for a swim party?  However we do it, let's have a fun party for all. Here's who we are celebrating this month: May Kaitlind Lennox Laila Stella Jacey Silas Vidia Ethan... Continue Reading →

Endeavor Series April Birthdays

So we're celebrating a little late, aren't we?  That just means we need to make this a loud, overnight party!  A two day party!  Break out the cake and wine.  Bring on the karoake machine.  Take off your shoes, because you are going to be dancing tonight! Okay, time for the birthday parade! Endeavor Series... Continue Reading →

Between the Stacks

I love the library.  Our love was instant and ongoing, like a lightening bolt that struck a tree in an everlasting forest.  It'll never stop burning. I haven't had much quality time with the library the past several years.  When I go these days, I'm always in the kid section.  The kids pick out books.... Continue Reading →

Bedknobs and Boxes

My family of 6 has spent the last 10 months living in a couple of bedrooms at an extended family member's home.  My husband lost his job nearly 12 months ago.   The last time he lost his job, it took several months to find a new one.  We decided that regardless of how short... Continue Reading →

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