Better Now

December 2, 2019 What one thing would you give up to become a better writer? Hey ya'll!  It's been awhile since I jumped into #OpenBook. I think I had bloggers block. But anyway, this week the topic tugged me back in. I'm no stranger to giving things up. Such is life. Sometimes it's horrid to... Continue Reading →

The Authenticity Debate

"To thing own self be true." I heard that line in college from an amazing professor, but it took me years to understand it. Well, you know, begin to understand all of it. So I've been mulling over authenticity for three years, with occasional consideration here and there for several years before. Or perhaps, I've... Continue Reading →

Working It

My quest for an office has been going for some years. I first started writing the Endeavor Series with a notebook and a pen while my babies played on the floor or outside around me. Those littles are now pre teens and a teen. (Bonus: The dog is going through puberty. I didn't know that... Continue Reading →

Marketing for Haters: Goodreads Quotes

I love quotes!  I hate marketing! Today I am combining my love and my hate on Goodreads, a great place for authors to do some home spun marketing. Plus, it's free, and that pleases the frugal side of me. Goodreads has a great quotes system already set up. I saved some of my favorites way... Continue Reading →

Marketing For Haters: The Very Bad Beginning

Yes, I'm a hater. And why am I a hater? Like most haters, I  hated marketing because I didn't understand it. I never had to rely on it for a job past the getting a job part, and even then I was using it without understanding. So I remember years ago when I ran into... Continue Reading →

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