Why I Publicly Share Personal Stories

I thought it was a good time to share the why behind my choice to share bits of stories from my personal life. When you have or are trying to have a public presence online, there are two options for how to handle things. 1)  Have a clean, professional, solid presence.  Say nothing too personal.... Continue Reading →

Depression and Writing: Gain from Pain

Last week I shared on Facebook that I have struggled with PPD.  I didn't go into it much because I'm not really ready to share that bit of my life.  This morning I realized that there was a part of it I would like to share right now. I remember the days that I felt... Continue Reading →

I Love Flat Characters and I Will Not Lie

I have said this before time and time again.  I.  LOVE.  Flat.  Characters.  *swoons*    Yes, my husband belongs to HABB  (Husbands Against Book Boyfriends).  Or maybe he belongs to HFBB (Husbands For Book Boyfriends).  I mean, I can swoon all I want over a book, but it's his bed I sleep in, right?  A... Continue Reading →

Ugly Drafts are the Best

Do not be afraid of Ugly Drafts, especially the ugliest draft of all, the 1st. Stories are always amazing while we are pregnant with them.  They grow from this itsy bitsy flash of an idea into a living, breathing, naked child who kicks and shoves and rearranges everything within us. We are excited authors at... Continue Reading →

Books About Writing

Confession:  I wrote 4 books before I ever touched a book about writing. I almost feel like a traitor for not liking books about writing.  I mean, aren't writers supposed to like them?  Don't they have a whole shelf (at least) of books to encourage and challenge them in their craft?  Aren't we all supposed... Continue Reading →

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