Managing Imposter Syndrome: Concrete Anchors

Hi. My name is Amy. I have written 7 books with more on the way. I struggle with Imposter Syndrome. I still wince inside when I tell people that I'm an author. I always feel like I should undervalue myself to make people feel more comfortable, or to assure them that I'm not full of... Continue Reading →


The Pity Present

Have you ever gotten a pity present? You know the one. It's the "I'm Sorry You're Such A Loser And I Am Not" gift. Just me? Well, okay. So I was digging through some things earlier, because don't tell anybody ┬áthat our garage has boxes sitting against the walls of things we haven't gone through,... Continue Reading →

A New Stage of Writing

Do you like To Do lists? I love them. I started this system years ago where I write down on a piece of paper: Today This Week Eventually I put all the immediate concerns under Today. I like titling it Today because even if I don't get it done today, it can just hang out... Continue Reading →


I'm going on an adventure! It's time, my friends, to finish Clawthorn. A couple of years or so ago, I decided to write a stand alone novel, which actually felt scary next to writing a large series. But I eventually convinced myself (because it's true) that it's just a different set of writing tools, and... Continue Reading →

Boy, Put Your Sweater On

July 8, 2019 Despite the recent snow in the Rocky Mountains, it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Do your stories and worlds reference seasons and do they play into the plots of your books? Absolutely! Okay, so last week I showed some pictures of my office, and mentioned that I wanted to talk more about... Continue Reading →

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