Endeavor Series

Like Extras?  I do!

But First, What is the Endeavor Series?  Take a peek here to find descriptions, book trailers, links, and all the other basic info.  Also get to know my characters, and how about some fun with my baddies?

Still craving more?  I will be adding onto my Hugo/Amadahy story when I can, and I’d like to eventually start adding in side stories that I’ve mentioned in my books,  (the bird creation story, for example) as well as a complete list of books mentioned in my books.

Hugo And Amadahy Locklear  (Parents of Isaac Locklear.  The creation of the castle and the “birth” of weavers” will eventually come up.  And I can’t wait to meet Susan for the first time!  Something tells me she gave her parents and brother the times of their lives.)
Pt. 1   Pt. 2   Pt. 3  Pt. 4  Pt. 5




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