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So what are my books about?  I’ve got the scoop!
Scroll down to find out, whether by word or by watching my book trailers.
On my Books by AEM page, you can find a reading of the first chapter of each book!
And because I get this question from time to time, these books are for adults.
Join the Magic!

 Endeavor Series

Magic.  It was in the Americas before immigration in one form.  The old world brought magic and traditions over the seas and eventually magic began to weave into a new form.  But the magical world has been asleep for years, enjoying a hidden life of peace and prosperity.

The underbelly of the magical world has been crying out, and a new leader has been planning to upset the old balance.  The time has come for eyes to be opened.  New paths to be forged.  Sacrifices to be made.

This is the story.  Of a woman.  Of a man.  Of a society.
Of the choices they made and the paths they blazed.

Phoenix Incandescent

Fresh out of college, Charlotte is running the Wayfarer’s Inn, a castle in the middle of farmland that gives humans the chance to vacation amongst mermaids, centaurs, elves, and dwarves. The guests don’t know that the magic is real, but Charlotte does. For now. She hasn’t developed powers like her father, so now she must either marry into the magical world or have her memory wiped and live on her own.

What’s a girl to do?

Her parents throw her a last chance ball to find a suitable husband within the magical world, but the dancing is interrupted.  Join Charlotte and many magical characters, old and new, as she ditches the ball gown, picks up the quarterstaff, and begins a journey that will expose the secrets her family has kept from her.

Secrets that could kill.

Available here:
PI on Amazon      PI on Nook     PI on ibooks
PI on Wattpad (free)          PI on Kobo (free)
Check out PI through BiblioBoard and your Metropolitan library card  (Oklahoma)

Malignant Transfiguration

Charlotte has found a new routine. Burn a field or quarterstaff. Sleep somewhere new every night. Keep those she loves away from her touch. The Alliance meets in days, and for the first time she will visit the dwarves’ homelands. It’s all going as expected when two strangers arrive with more secrets and offer her what she’s wanted her whole life.

But she has to go through an apprenticeship first.

The magical world is changing. Will Charlotte learn fast enough to keep up, or will the darkness consume her before she has a chance to try?


Available here:
MT on Amazon       MT on Nook    MT on iBooks    MT on Kobo
Check out MT with your Metropolitan Library card through BiblioBoard  (Oklahoma)

Apex Transcendence

What would she find inside? Love reunited or love lost?

Charlotte is determined to find Beau, and nothing will stop her. Not the retaliation of the enemy. Not her failing health. Not when the tension between David and Vincent escalates into a Weaver’s Duel.

Join Charlotte as she meets the Weaver Council, struggles to remain in control of her powers, and forms a team to rescue Beau.

Available here:

AT on Amazon     AT on iBooks  AT on Nook     AT on Kobo
Check out AT with your Metropolitan Library card through BiblioBoard  (Oklahoma)

Opalescent Immersion

Charlotte and Beau are back from their honeymoon.
He is called to the air.
She is called to the sea.
Love in the time of war isn’t easy.

Available here:
OI on Amazon  OI on Nook    OI on iBooks     OI on Kobo
Check out MT with your Metropolitan Library card through BiblioBoard  (Oklahoma)


Fervent Desolation

Charlotte has access to magical powers beyond her understanding and experience, and everybody knows it. She is determined to control her powers with confidence and certainty, and to be strong for those around her. As the magical world continues to shift around her, she embraces her new role with Beau’s people, and strives to make life better for others. But the darkness is also determined and changing, and Charlotte must ask herself difficult questions about the side she serves on.

Available here: Amazon    Nook    iBooks  Kobo


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