The Baddies

I adore my baddies, but they don’t quite get enough attention!  I decided to have a place where you can learn tidbits from their lives.  This is an ongoing project.  Hope you enjoy!

Bad to the Bone Brutani
The Biders (PI, OI)
The Meldants (MT)
The Whirby (AT)
The Terror  (OI)

Bad to the Bone Magani
Philip-Oscar  (Arx #1)
Melder  (Arx #2)
Julia  (Arx #3)
The Zimmon (MT)
Glaucus  (Arx #4)
Asteria  (Arx #5)

PI:  Phoenix Incandescent, MT:  Malignant Transfiguration, AP:  Apex Transcendence, OI:  Opalescent Immersion, FD:  Fervent Desolation

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