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In my own little corner of the world.
There’s a castle and dancing and books and flying.
Cookies and storytelling and big comfy chairs.
Here you will find old and new.
Dwarves and Mermaids and Elves and Fairies and Hobs and Dragons.
Bigfoot and Bogwogs and Centaurs and Fauns.
Unitaurs and Bronze Eagles and Weavers and Biders.
Here you will find adventure.
Journeys and battles and mysteries to solve.
Friends and Foes.  Old and New.  Some you should trust.  Some you should not.
Here you will find magic.
Spells and duels and backpacks and wands and portals.
Tradition and experience and masters and apprentices.
Here you might find love.
Songs and flowers and sacrifices.
But love in the time of war is hard.
Here you just might find yourself.
So come along for the ride.  Join arms.   Share bread.
Battle bravely.  Love strongly.



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